Having A 24/7 Salesforce

Running your own business can be much more than a full-time job. You are responsible for every task from customer service to paying the bills for materials or office space. But just stop and think for a second about how great it would be to have a sales team that was working twenty four hours a day seven days a week just to help you grow your business. It sounds like too much to even dream of, but it can be your new reality after a short visit to http://www.register.com/.

For as little as $12.95 a month you can have a professional website that can allow your customers to learn about your business, purchase products, ask questions and even pay their bill. And they can do all of this at their convenience and without your personal assistance.All you need to do is create your website and everything else will be taken care of for you. The monthly service includes a free domain, 1 free email account, free web hosting and analytics and unlimited pages.

You might think that this is just one more arduous task to put on your to do list but it is not. Building the site is a simple as selecting the template that best suits your business and then adding text and images. You don’t need to hire an expensive designer to have a professional website. If you can drag and drop on your computer then you can build a website with this user friendly tool.

You will never find a better investment than $12.95 a month for all of the services and benefits that your company will enjoy with a professional website. Increase your sales and market share as well as your relevance and presence on the Internet. And you can have all of this for less than the cost of a pizza.


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