What Are the Best Places to Visit in Yogyakarta?

Yogyakarta is one of the wonderful destinations that you better choose in order to complement your holiday as well as possible. This stunning country will be the great place which offers you so many various impressions that you will like so much. It is because this city has so many options of the best places that can excite you so well. Then, what are actually the best places to visit in yogyakarta?  So, let’s figure them out below.

It is a must for you to know the best places to visit in yogyakarta, so that you can really make your holiday become so much more excellent and hard to forget. So, some of them are like:

  • The Manggunan Fruit Garden

The first of the best places that you have to visit when you have a holiday in the city of Yogyakarta is the Manggunan Fruit Garden. This very nice place will definitely show you the views over the city. So then, you can see the beautiful sceneries of the valley and the river. Aside of that, you can also enjoy the hypnotizing and amazing sunrise in the early morning. Furthermore, the other great thing about this place is that there is mist that hangs so low, so that it will covers the valley. This particular natural condition will make you feel like you are above the clouds. So, you will find a marvelous spot and moment that you have to capture to complete the collection in your Instagram account for sure.

  • The Malioboro Street

Next, the second option of the best place that you have to visit when you spend your time in Yogyakarta is the Malioboro Street. In the other words, it is a must for you to stroll around the Malioboro area whenever you are in the city. It can be the perfect spot where you can shop many things and souvenirs for your beloved family and close friends, which can be like batik, t-shirts, blangkon, dresses, sandals, traditional toys, andso many more still to buy. Moreover, this area is also the center of the affordable local food that you have to try. Simply, you will definitely find so many Angkringan which can provide you various traditional food, snacks, and coffee along the road. Then, if you look for a restaurant, you can go to the Sosrowijayan Street which is near Malioboro. There will be so many restaurants that offer you numerous menus that you can choose, which can be ranging from the traditional local food to the western food.

After putting it all together, all of those places are some best places to visit in yogyakarta you better add to your destination list. All of them will definitely be able to make you have the impressive and extraordinary experiences that you cannot forget so easily. They can also make you do the fun things that make you always happy for sure. So, in the end, you will realize that your holiday becomes so much more special than you have ever expected once you have explored the best places in the city.


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